Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Mithat Unsal (SLAC and Stanford)

Confinement, chiral dynamics and conformal window via deformed Yang-Mills theories


The non-perturbative dynamics of non-supersymmetric QCD-like and chiral gauge theories remained largely elusive despite much effort over the years. Recently, novel techniques (such as center stabilizing double trace deformations and twisted partition functions) which allow us to continuously connect the physics of these gauge theories on R4 to small S1 \times R3 are found. In most cases, the physics of small S1 is analytically tractable by semi-classical techniques. There are many novel topological excitations that appear in this regime which were not anticipated earlier. For example, a type of composite referred to as magnetic bion (which is neither a monopole, nor an instanton) with net magnetic charge +2 is responsible for the appearance of a mass gap in large class of QCD-like and chiral theories. These techniques also find useful applications in chiral gauge theories, in the study of conformal window, supersymmetric gauge theories and to dynamical supersymmetry breaking. In this talk, I will give an elementary introduction to these new methods and to the dynamics of gauge theories through this window. Parts of these works are done in various collaborations with Poppitz, Shifman and Yaffe.


Date: Tuesday, 23/6/09

Time: 14:15

Place: Auditorium A, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100, Copenhagen