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Journal Club Schedule: Fall 2010

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Wednesday 11/08 at 11:15 

     Tom Brown (DESY)


  Wednesday 08/09 at 11:15 

     Thomas Sondergaard: Gravity and Yang-Mills amplitude relations in field theory

  Wednesday 22/09 at 11:15 

     Henrik Johansson (Saclay) presents the paper 1008.2958 [hep-th] by Arkani-Hamed et al.

  Wednesday 29/09 

     Study group replaced by elite PhD school


  Tuesday 05/10 at 13:15 

     Ricardo Monteiro (NBIA) presents his recent paper arXiv:1008.1070 [hep-th]

  Wednesday 13/10  

     Study group replaced by workshop on random matrices

  Wednesday 20/10  

     No study group due to fall vacation and Nordic String Meeting

  Tuesday 26/10 at 13:15 

     Joan Camps (NBI) presents his recent paper arXiv:1003.3636 [hep-th]


  Wednesday 03/11 at 11:00 

     Agnese Bissi (NBI) presents the paper arXiv:1008.1059 [hep-th] by K. Zarembo.

  Wednesday 17/11 at 11:15 

     Hidehiko Shimada (NBIA): Supersymmetrisation of simple embedding of AdS_5 x S^5 into twelve dimensions

  Wednesday 24/11 at 11:15 

     Jerome Gaillard (Swansea), TBA


  Wednesday 01/12 at 11:15 

     Maria J. Rodriguez (AEI,Potsdam)

  Thursday 02/12 at 11:15 

     Oscar Varela (AEI,Potsdam)

  Wednesday 15/12 at 11:15 

     Carlo Meneghelli (MPI, Potsdam), Baxter Q-Operators and Representations of Yangians

  Monday 20/12 at 13:15 

     Kasper Larsen (Uppsala & Saclay) will present ongoing work


The Journal Club takes place on Wednesdays in Fb-6 at 11:00

The Journal Club is organised by Charlotte Kristjansen

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