Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Marialuisa Frau (University of Torino)

Holographic non-perturbative corrections to gauge couplings


We give a direct microscopic derivation of the exact F-theory solution for the axion-dilaton field emitted by D7 branes in type I' theory. The couplings of the axion-dilaton field to the D-instanton moduli modify its  source terms, classically given by delta-functions located at the D7 and O7 positions and the modified source terms are shown to be proportional to the instanton-corrected elements of the D7-brane ``chiral ring''. Solving the bulk equation of motion with the non-perturbatively corrected source terms yields the exact background solution which represents the gravitational dual of the 4-dimensional theory living on a D3 probe, namely of the Sp(1) N=2 SYM theory with four flavours.


Date: Thurssday, 19/5/11

Time: 14:15

Place: Auditorium A, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100, Copenhagen