Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Shinji Hirano (Nagoya U.)

Summing up all genus free energy of ABJM matrix model


I will talk about my recent work with H. Fuji and S. Moriyama on the all genus free energy of the ABJM matrix model; We show that the all genus partition function of N = 6 U(N) x U(N) Chern-Simons-Matter theory, dual to type IIA string theory on AdS4 x CP3 or M-theory on AdS4 x S7/Zk, sums up simply to the Airy function apart from the worldsheet instanton corrections. Along the way I will also review my previous work with O. Bergman on the renormalization of the AdS radius in AdS4/CFT3 which is important in interpreting our result.


Date: Wednesday, 18/1/12

Time: 14:15

Place: Auditorium D, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100, Copenhagen