Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Konstantinos Siampos (Ecole Polythechnique)

ABJM Baryon Stability and Myers effect


We consider magnetically charged baryon vertex like configurations in AdS^4 X CP^3 with a reduced number of quarks l. We show that these configurations are solutions to the classical equations of motion and are stable beyond a critical value of l. Given that the magnetic flux dissolves D0-brane charge it is possible to give a microscopical description in terms of D0-branes expanding into fuzzy CP^n spaces by Myers dielectric effect. Using this description we are able to explore the region of finite 't Hooft coupling. Finally, we extend our baryon construction to AdS^5 X T11 geometry and we also give a microscopical description in terms of D1-branes expanding into fuzzy T11.


Date: Tuesday, 22/11/11

Time: 14:15

Place: Auditorium A, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100, Copenhagen