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Journal Club Schedule: Spring 2011

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on the arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Friday 28/01 at 11:15 

     Niels Obers (NBI): Heating up the blon; based on his papers arXiv:1012.1494 and arXiv:1101.1297.


  Wednesday 02/02 at 11:15 

     Ricardo Monteiro (NBIA): From Navier-Stokes to Einstein; based on Bredberg et al, arXiv:1101.2451.

  Wednesday 09/02 at 11:15 

     Donovan Young (NBI): Tree-level Recursion Relation and Dual Superconformal Symmetry of the ABJM Theory; based on Gang et al, arXiv:1012.5032.

  Wednesday 23/02 at 11:15 

     Konstantinos Zoubos (NBI): Holography for minimal models; based on Gaberdiel and Gopakumar, arXiv:1011.2986, and Gaberdiel and Hartman, arXiv:1101.2910.


  Wednesday 02/03 at 11:15 

     Charlotte Kristjansen (NBI): Non-planar Integrability; based on Carlson et al, arXiv:1101.5404.

  Wednesday 16/03 at 11:15 

     Ines Aniceto (IST, Lisbon): The Spectrum of String Solitons: Giant Magnons in AdS_5xS^5 and AdS_4xCP^3; based on Abbott et al, arXiv:0903.3365, arXiv:1006.2174, and recent developments.

  Wednesday 23/03 at 11:15 

     Bogdan Stefanski (CU London): On Type IIA geometries dual to N=2 SCFTs; based on Reid-Edwards and Stefanski, arXiv:1011.0216.

  Wednesday 30/03 at 11:15 

     Jakob Gath (NBI): Higher-dimensional rotating charged black holes; based on Caldarelli et al, arXiv:1012.4517.


  Wednesday 06/04 at 11:15 

     Hidehiko Shimada (NBIA): Extraction of colorless degrees of freedom from large-N two-dimensional Yang-Mills models; based on Rajeev, arXiv:hep-th/9401115, and Bedaque et al, arXiv:hep-th/9209027.

  Wednesday 13/04 at 11:15 

     Donal O'Connell (NBIA): Color/kinematics duality in scattering amplitudes, based on ongoing work exploring the BCJ relations (arXiv:0805.3993).

  Wednesday 27/04 at 11:15 

     Pawel Caputa (NBI): Wilson loops/Scattering amplitudes and the Remainder function.


  Wednesday 04/05 at 11:15 

     Pawel Caputa (NBI): continues from previous week.

  Wednesday 25/05 at 11:15 

     Jay Armas (NBI): Curvature corrections to the Blackfold approach.


  Wednesday 01/06 at 11:15 

     Hjalte Frellesvig (NBI): Amplitudes in massless QED.

  Thursday 23/06 at 11:15 

     Andreas Pedersen (NBI): Blackfolds in supergravity and string theory.


The Journal Club usually takes place on Wednesdays in Fb-6 at 11:15.

The Journal Club is organised by Ricardo Monteiro.

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