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Journal Club Schedule: Fall 2011

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on the arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group, or a visitor, will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Thursday 15 at 11:15 in Fb6  

     Lorenzo Seri (SISSA): Resolution of singularities in Matrix Big-Bang models; based on arXiv:1003.0620 and more recent work.

  Tuesday 27 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Yang Zhang (NBIA): Graviton amplitude in de-Sitter space; based on arXiv:1104.2846.


  Tuesday 4 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Pawel Caputa (NBI): Observations on Open and Closed String Scattering Amplitudes at High Energies; based on arXiv:1108.2381.

  Wednesday 12 at 11:15 in Fb6  

     Tomasz Lukowski (Humboldt U): Baxter Q-operators and Hamiltonians for integrable spin chains with sl(n) symmetry; based on arXiv:1005.3261 and arXiv:1010.3699, and on recent work.

  Wednesday 19 at 11:15 in Fb6  

     Ben Grinstein (UCSD): A Very Light Dilaton; based on arXiv:1105.2370.

  Tuesday 25 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Thomas Søndergaard (NBI): The Spinor Helicity Formalism.


  Tuesday 1 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Donovan Young (NBI): Classical string solutions describing holographic three-point functions; based on arXiv refs 1106.0495, 1109.6262, 1110.3949 and 1110.5621.

  Tuesday 8 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Yuki Sato (Nagoya U/NBI): n-DBI gravity; based on arXiv:1110.0832 and arXiv:1109.1468.

  Tuesday 15 at 11:15 in Bk2 

     Jan Ambjørn (NBI): Roaming moduli space of non-critical string theory using dynamical triangulations, or How I learned to love simplicial cohomology; based on arXiv:1110.4649.

  Wednesday 23 at 11:15 in Fb6 

     Charlotte Kristjansen (NBI): Correlation functions of three heavy operators - the AdS contribution; based on arXiv:1109.6262.


  Wednesday 14 at 11:15 in Fb6 

     Agnese Bissi (NBI): From Scattering Amplitudes to the Dilatation Generator in N=4 SYM; based on arXiv:1111.0083.

  Tuesday 20 at 11:15 in Fb6 

     Peter Ronne (U Cologne): Higher spin AdS_3 supergravity and its dual CFT; based on arXiv:1111.2139.