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Journal Club Schedule: Spring 2012

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on the arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group, or a visitor, will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Wednesday 25 (room Bk2)  

     Kim Splittorff (NBI): The spectrum of the Dirac operator in lattice QCD with Wilson Fermions.


  Wednesday 1  

     Niels Obers (NBI): Derivation of the blackfold effective theory; based on arXiv:1201.3506.

  Wednesday 29  

     Donovan Young (NBI): An exact formula for the radiation of a moving quark in N=4 super Yang Mills; based on arXiv:1202.4455.


  Wednesday 7  

     Andrzej Görlich (NBI): Introduction to Causal Dynamical Triangulations.

  Wednesday 14  

     Guido Macorini (NBIA): Semiclassical folded string in AdS4 x CP3.

  Wednesday 21  

     Jelle Hartong (NBI): Holographic Renormalization for Asymptotically Lifshitz Space-Times.


  Wednesday 18  

     Konstantinos Zoubos (NBI): Large-density field theory, viscosity, and 2k_F singularities from string duals; based on arXiv:1203.1015.

  Wednesday 25  

     Florian Loebbert (NBIA): Bilocal Operators in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory.


  Wednesday 2  

     Chandrasekhar Chatterjee (Chennai): Integrating topological degrees of freedom with perturbation theory: YM_3.

  Wednesday 9  

     Niels Obers (NBI): Summary of KITP workshop "Bits, Branes, Black holes".

  Wednesday 16  

     Jay Armas (NBI): Dissipative superfluid dynamics and gravity; based on arXiv:1105.3733 and arXiv:1101.3332.

  Wednesday 23  

     Jakob Gath (NBI): Basic aspects of holography for theories with hyperscaling violation; based on arXiv:1201.1905.

  Wednesday 30  

     Andreas Pedersen (NBI): Thermal giant gravitons.


The Journal Club usually takes place on Wednesdays at 11:15, in room Fb6.

The Journal Club is organised by Ricardo Monteiro.

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