Journal Club Schedule: Fall 2012

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on the arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group, or a visitor, will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Tuesday 18  

     Yang Zhang (NBI): Integrand-level reduction of scattering amplitudes: an algebraic geometry story. Based on arXiv:1207.2976, 1205.5707, 1202.2019.

  Tuesday 25  

     Yasuhiro Sekino (KEK): FRW/CFT duality: A holographic framework for eternal inflation. Based on arXiv:1003.1347, 0908.3844, 0807.1947, hep-th/0606204.


  Tuesday 2  

     Honda Masazumi (KEK): Numerical studies of the ABJM theory for arbitrary N at arbitrary coupling constant. Based on arXiv:1202:5300.

  Tuesday 9  

     Jelle Hartong (NBI): Firewalls: A|yes>+B|no>, AB=0. Based on arXiv:1207.3123, 1208.3445 and 1207.5192.

  Tuesday 23  

     Aleksi Kurkela (McGill): Thermalization in heavy ion collisions at very high energies.

  Tuesday 30  

     Aidan Chatwin-Davies (Waterloo): A fully-covariant natural ultraviolet cutoff in inflationary cosmology. Based on arXiv:1210.0750.


  Tuesday 6  

     Dmytro Volin (Nordita): Recent advances in AdS/CFT integrability.

  ** Monday 19 in Auditorium A **  

     Leonid Chekhov (Steklov): Seiberg--Witten equation in quantum Liouville theory and topological recursion.

  Tuesday 20  

     Mariano Chernicoff (Cambridge): Quarkonium dissociation by anisotropy in a strongly coupled CFT.

  ** Wednesday 28 in Fb6 **  

     Alex Nielsen (Potsdam): Measuring spinning compact objects with advanced gravitational wave detectors.


  Tuesday 4  

     Erik Plauschinn (Padova): Differential geometry of Lie algebroids for non-geometric string theory. Based on arXiv:1210.1591, 1211:0030.

  ** Wednesday 5 in Fb6 **  

     Yusuke Kimura (Okayama): Non-planar corrections in N=4 SYM. Based on arXiv:1206.4844, 1109.2585.

  Tuesday 11  

     Alessandra Cagnazzo (Nordita): WZW term in Permutation Cosets. Based on arXiv:1209.4049.