Theoretical High Energy Seminar

Wei Song (Harvard)

Chiral Liouville Gravity


A circle of recent investigations including Kerr/CFT, warped AdS and string compactifications have a common feature: global SL(2,R) x U(1) symmetries. Asymptotic symmetry group analysis shows that the dual boundary theory should have symmetries generated by Virasoro and U(1) Kac-Moody. We found that a parity-violating boundary condition can be imposed on AdS_3 gravity, whose corresponding asymptotic symmetry group also has the Virasoro-Kac-Moody structure, instead of left and right Virasoro structure. We also worked out an explicit example realizing the symmetry, and name it the chiral Liouville gravity. Chiral Liouville theory comes from nonlocal Polyakov action by choosing a chiral gauge and fixing the zero mode of left translation. Dirac brackets are derived, under which the residual symmetry are shown to be generated by the Virasoro-Kac-Moody algebra.


Date: Thursday, 14/3/13

Time: 14:15

Place: Auditorium A, Blegdamsvej 17, 2100, Copenhagen Ø