Journal Club Schedule: Spring 2013

In every meeting we will spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about new papers on the arXiv that people found interesting (we would also like to hear about recent conferences that people attended). Then one member of the group, or a visitor, will present a recent paper. The tentative schedule is as follows:


  Wednesday 30  

     Lisa Glaser (NBI): Causal Sets and the Cosmological Constant. Based on arXiv:astro-ph/0209274, 1210.2589.


  Wednesday 6  

     Timothy Budd (NBI): Trees and spatial topology change in 2d CDT.

  Wednesday 27  

     Piotr Tourkine (Saclay): A non-renormalisation theorem in heterotic string theory and some of its consequences in N=4 supergravity. Based on arXiv:hep-th/1202.3692, 1208.1255.


  Wednesday 13  

     Ara Martirosyan (NBI): Three-point Functions in the AdS_4/CFT_3 Correspondence. Based on arXiv:1211.1359.

  Wednesday 20  

     Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita). Based on arxiv:1302.6968.


  Wednesday 3  

     Jelle Hartong (NBI): Introducing Subtracted Geometry. Based on arxiv:1112.4846.

  ** Tuesday 9, 11h, Auditorium D **  

     Wei Song (Harvard): Chiral Liouville Gravity. Based on arXiv:1303.2660 and 1303.2662.

  Wednesday 17  

     Konstantinos Zoubos (NBI): Thermodynamics of Higher Spin Black Holes. Based on arXiv:1302.0816.

  Wednesday 24  

     Guido Macorini (NBI): Integrability in the AdS_3/CFT_ 2 duality.


  Wednesday 8  

     Joyce Myers (NBI): Lattice strong coupling expansion.

  Wednesday 15  

     Ayan Mukhopadhyay (E.Polytechnique / Saclay): Emergence of spacetimes dual to fluids and the holographic RG flow.

  Wednesday 22  

     Niels Obers (NBI): Exotic Branes in String Theory. Based on arXiv:1209.6056.

  Wednesday 29  

     Jakob Gath (NBI): The large D limit of GR. Based on arXiv:1303.1995.


  Wednesday 12  

     Jay Armas (Bern): Black Biology: Black Holes as Cellular (Mem)-branes. Based on arxiv:1304.7773.

  Wednesday 19  

     Carlos Núñez (Swansea): Aspects of duality.

  Wednesday 26  

     Andreas Pedersen (NBI): Viscous Asymptotically Flat Reissner-Nordstrm Black Branes. Based on arxiv:1302.5480.