Information for those interested in doing a PhD in our group:

Vacant PhD positions in our group are announced on our group webpage under Positions, on the NBI main webpage under Jobs as well as in the INSPIRE job database.

If you have the possibility to apply for other funds (for example, for foreign students, a scholarship from their home country), you should contact a faculty member in order to arrange for support.

If you can obtain partial external funding for a PhD grant, corresponding to 2/3 of a full 3-year grant, you may have a significant chance to get funding from NBI for the third year. Notice that a PhD grant in addition to your own salary should cover a tuition fee which amounts to 80.000 Dkr per year.

PhD students form an integral part of our group, are expected to participate actively in all scientific activities (seminars, journal clubs, workshops etc.) and are also involved in other tasks, such as teaching exercise classes and maintaing our webpage. There are many possibilities for further advanced education. A number of advanced courses is regulary given (e.g. Advanced Quantum Field Theory, Advanced String Theory, Black Hole Physics, The AdS/CFT correspondence, Quantum Geometry). For a detailed explanation of the course of the PhD study, see here.