Pavel Naselsky



Research Interests:

Cosmology, Astro-particle physics, Relativistic astrophysics.

During last decade cosmology and high energy physics are rapidly developed due to increasing number of experiments and significant progress in theory. The discovery of the dark matter and the dark energy in the Universe open a new window for understanding the properties of space and time from the epoch of inflation until the present day of the cosmological evolution of matter. The major source of information about the "dark sector" of the matter in the Universe is connected to investigation of very small ripples of the temperature of the Cosmic Microwave Background. Our CMB team takes part at the "PLANCK" space mission, devoted to detection of the CMB anisotropy and polarization with unprecedented accuracy in order to put the light on the models of inflation, cosmological baryogenesis, formation of the Large Scale Structure of the Universe. We are working in cooperation with leading CMB teams from Europe , USA, Taiwan and Russia on the problems of the CMB data analysis, investigation of non-Gaussianity of the CMB, detectability of the primordial magnetic field from the epoch of quark-gluon phase transition, primordial black holes as a candidates for the dark matter etc.


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