PhD Students

Laure Berthier
Isak Buhl-Mortensen
Amel Durakovic
Sebastian von Hausegger
Marco Sanchioni
Mads Søgaard
Jeppe Trøst
Kasper Vardinghus

Recent PhD Students

Christine Hartmann
Asger Ipsen
Anne Mette Frejsel
Laura Jenniches
Hjalte Frellesvig
Lisa Glaser
Ara Martirosyan
Andreas Vigand Pedersen
Rijun Huang
Jakob Gath
Martin Hansen
Agnese Bissi
(also NBIA)
Sharaz Butt
Jay Armas
Sabir Ramazanov
Thomas Søndergaard
Pawel Caputa
(also NBIA)
Christina Losa
Mads Toudal Frandsen
Thomas Ryttov
Andrzej Jarosz
Peter Rønne

Previous PhD Students (incomplete list)

Jens Gesser

Kasper Risager

Emil Bjerrum-Bohr

Troels Harmark

Kim Splittorff

Yves Demasure

Yasutaka Takanishi

Group members' email addresses can be constructed by adding "AT" to the "email" name shown on the individual pages.

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